The Next Bright Idea is Enderun Colleges’ business pitch competition for young aspiring entrepreneurs. Since its inception in 2012, the Business Pitch Challenge has brought together hundreds of forward-thinking young business leaders who can make a real difference in the world. Participants converge with the collective goal of not just envisioning a better world, but actively working towards it through responsible and impactful business ideas.

The Next Bright Idea guides promising entrepreneurs through the early stages of their business ventures. It encourages them to think boldly, create thoughtfully, and envision a future where their business innovations drive positive change and leave a lasting mark on society.

Year after year, The Next Bright Idea has become a stage for these seeds to grow, be nurtured, and eventually blossom into successful ventures that shape industries, uplift communities, and contribute to the greater good.

Now in its twelfth season, The Next Bright Idea invites high school students from Grades 10 to 12 to present their entrepreneurial concepts. Winners will get a chance to take home Php 50,000 for the grand prize, Php 20,000 for the first runner-up, and Php 10,000 for the second runner-up.


Enderun Colleges’ The Next Bright Idea is a beacon of youth empowerment, offering high school students a platform to cultivate critical thinking, entrepreneurial skills, and creative talents. Created in 2012 by Lou Molina, the visionary behind this initiative, The Next Bright Idea champions innovation by prompting participants to devise novel solutions to global economic challenges and tackle pressing social issues head-on. This innovation-driven approach not only fosters creativity but also embodies a spirit vital for societal advancement.

Furthermore, the competition has a tangible impact on its participants. Many young entrepreneurs and artists who have graced its stage have gone on to implement their ideas, actively contributing to their communities and the broader world. By celebrating and honoring the talents of high school students, The Next Bright Idea encourages other young individuals to explore their potential, which, in turn, perpetuates a cycle of inspiration and personal development. Additionally, the Multimedia Arts Competition, which was launched in 2020, utilizes art to convey social issues, harmonizes perfectly with Enderun’s dedication to recognizing initiatives that drive positive social change.

The educational aspect of The Next Bright Idea is noteworthy as well. Beyond the allure of cash prizes, participants gain invaluable skills in idea pitching, problem-solving, and artistic expression, skills that will undoubtedly serve them well in their future endeavors. This competition acts as a catalyst for community building by bringing together a community of young entrepreneurs and artists, promoting collaboration, networking, and the exchange of innovative ideas. Moreover, it provides an exemplary template for younger generations, emphasizing the significance of innovation, creativity, and social responsibility, inspiring them to aspire to effect positive change in their communities.

The longevity and consistency of The Next Bright Idea, running successfully for over a decade, underscore its unwavering commitment to its mission. Year after year, it has made a lasting impact on young individuals, solidifying its status as a trailblazer in youth empowerment and advocacy. In sum, The Next Bright Idea, epitomizes the values and principles cherished by Enderun. The competition further affirms the crucial role of nurturing the potential of young individuals in shaping a brighter future for our society.

Business Pitch Challenge

Open to all Senior High School Students (Grades 10 to 12).

Register now and get a chance to win PhP 50,000!


“Planet Pioneers: Igniting Sustainable Product Innovations”

Teams are invited to submit a business concept aligned with the theme of “Planet Pioneers: Igniting Sustainable Product Innovations.” Sustainability has emerged as a guiding light for the betterment of our planet and its inhabitants. Sustainability embodies a fundamental shift in how we perceive, design, produce, and utilize products daily. This paradigm shift underscores a critical objective—mitigating human activity’s adverse environmental and social consequences while fostering economic resilience.

Participants must propose a business idea about a tangible and sustainable product that embodies a transformative ethos, focusing on crafting products that minimize environmental and social impact while maximizing economic viability. Key evaluative factors guide this pursuit:

  1. Environmental Impact, assessing a product’s footprint considering energy use, resource efficiency, waste, and emissions
  2. Resource Efficiency, optimizing raw material use, recyclability, and responsible sourcing
  3. Relevance, aligning products with global needs and solutions
  4. Social and Ethical Considerations, emphasizing fair labor and ethical production
  5. Durability and Longevity, promoting products with lasting lifespans to reduce resource-intensive manufacturing and waste.


1. Hey future changemakers! The registration period for the “Planet Pioneers: Igniting Sustainable Product Innovations” is from November 20, 2023 to January 26, 2024.

2. Ready to rock this challenge? All you gotta do is register and set up your awesome team profile at

3. Team up with 1-3 of your buddies, and if you’re in high school (Grades 10-12), you’re good to go! Oh, and don’t forget to have a mentor to guide you on this amazing journey.

4. A quick heads-up! Get the green light from your class adviser or principal by submitting a school clearance to dive into this adventure.

5. Time to level up your skills! Be sure to attend the Enderun Entrepreneurship Master Class. You’ll learn from the best before the big challenge!

6. After the class, share your fantastic business concept by sending a 1,000-word description through your team profile on the website. One entry per team, please.

7. Fingers crossed! Enderun will choose 10 outstanding teams from the submitted concepts to pitch their ideas in the finals. Could it be you?

8. Keep your eyes on your email and follow The Next Bright Idea’s Facebook and Instagram pages for the announcements!

9. At the finals, each team gets a shot to pitch their awesome idea for 3 minutes to the judges. Ready, set, pitch! And don’t worry, you’ll have 10 minutes max to answer all the judges’ tough questions.

10. Got concerns about the competition? Shoot us an email at We’re here to help you shine!



November 20, 2023 to February 10, 2024


March 2, 16 or 23, 2024


April 6, 2024


April 27, 2024




1. There is no entry fee to join the competition.

2. Enderun Colleges reserves the right to amend the competition mechanics and dates without notice in the event of any unforeseen circumstance outside of the organizer’s control. Participants will be notified of any changes to the competition.

3. The participating schools agree to use their name, school, and submitted entries in any promotional material in relation to the competition (e.g. social media posts, competition posters, and/or press releases).

4. Enderun Colleges will conduct coverage of the participants during the master class and finals. Enderun Colleges will also conduct interviews of some participants and coaches. The photos and videos will be uploaded on Enderun Colleges’ social media accounts (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube). Rest assured, the photos and videos that will be uploaded on social media will not compromise the participants and schools’ reputation. The videos are meant to encourage the teams’ school, family, and friends to support them during the competition.

5. Participants must adhere to the copyright laws and regulations. Furthermore, no depiction of violence, sex, or nudity should be present in any competition materials.

6. Enderun Colleges complies with the Data Privacy Act of 2012 and assures that personal information and other confidential data of the participants will be protected.

7. Entry into the competition will be deemed as acceptance of these terms and conditions.


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